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Mountainland Announces ‘ON THE RISE’

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

At its Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, December 20 2023, Mountainland Technical College announced a two-year, $5 million capital campaign to support three fundamental pillars:

“Our Board Chair and College President
charged us to design a campaign representative of the school’s commitment to excellence,” said MTECH Vice President Joseph Demma. “The team is honored to present the first-ever capital campaign at a Utah technical college, ‘On The Rise,’ to capture our community’s shared goal of upward mobility.”

After the campaign announcement, MTECH Board Chairman and Clyde Companies CEO/President Jeremy Hafen presented a check to the school for $500,000.00.

“On behalf of Clyde Companies, I am thrilled to support Mountainland’s On the Rise campaign,” said Chairman Hafen. “Education is not just an investment of individuals; it is an investment in the prosperity of our region. By partnering with institutions like MTECH, we are building the foundation for success by encouraging individuals to reach new heights in their education, careers, and lives.”

Mountainland Technical College President Clay Christensen accepted the donation on behalf of the college. “We are grateful to Jeremy and everyone at Clyde Companies for their continued leadership and support,” the president noted. “This contribution will impact many lives.”

The campaign’s three foundational pillars sustain a comprehensive approach to what higher education stands for in the Mountainland region:

  • Student Success is paramount, driven by the belief that everyone should have access to higher education.

  • Faculty Excellence is essential in nurturing a dynamic learning environment.

  • Beyond the construction of new buildings, institutional support ensures that the college remains at the forefront of innovation.

As Mountainland Technical College charges forward with this historic and groundbreaking movement, they invite the community, alumni, and partners to join this collective effort.

Learn more about ‘On The Rise,’ HERE.

About ‘On The Rise’:

  • On The Rise – launched December 20, 2023.

  • Campaign length – January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2025

  • Clyde Companies generously contributed the first donation to the campaign with $500,000

  • This concerted effort focuses on Student Success, Faculty Excellence, and Institutional Support

  • Student Success focuses on improving access to education and graduation rates. Individuals can support Student Success by contributing to the following:

  • Scholarships

  • Fee waivers

  • Sponsored activities or events

  • MTECH’s dedication to Faculty Excellence is not just a commitment to educators; it’s a promise to their students and the broader community. Individuals can support Faculty Excellence by contributing in the following areas:

  • Recruitment initiatives

  • Retention strategies

  • Sponsored trainings

  • When a donor contributes to Institutional Support, it’s more than investing in bricks and mortar. Donors can make a difference with:

  • Enhancing lab space

  • Facility recognition

  • College naming rights

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