Dedicated to Upward Mobility Through Education and Training

Each day as I leave the house for work, I remind my children to build relationships, solve problems, and have fun doing it.  It is a simple encouragement for them and a set of principles (that I did not create, btw) that help shape my daily activities.  The idea is that if we are affirmatively engaging in those behaviors, we are more likely than not to be a good friend, neighbor, coworker, and citizen. For the twenty years of my professional career in public service, I have had a fantastic opportunity to build relationships and help shape public policies in education, workforce and economic development, refugee services, and local government planning.  It has been an amazing journey that, having experienced homelessness as a teen in central Florida, I never would have imagined.

You've heard my childhood story before.  Like the classic cliche, I come from a broken home governed by divorce, substance abuse, and abject parental failure.  Of course, no one is perfect, and like most of us, I have fallen down plenty.  However, as the husband to an amazing angel and the parent of three beautiful children, I am focused on doing my part to make their journey a little easier.  My life and career in public service is a manifestation of a deeply rooted desire to help others.

In my position as Vice President of Government Affairs and College Relations at Mountainland Technical College, I enjoy the remarkable opportunity to advocate on behalf of career and technical education.  I will talk more about this role and my strong support of lifelong learning throughout these pages.  

My name is Joseph M. Demma, and I am a husband, father, and tireless advocate for upward mobility through education and training.  Thank you for visiting.